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Cyberstalked! was created and is maintained by Cynthia Armistead. All original material on this domain is copyright 1996-2016 Cynthia Armistead unless otherwise noted.

This site began on Cynthia’s MindSpring web site, then moved with the rest of her material to her main personal site, TechnoMom.com. Cynthia split her site up into separate sites in early 2006, and the internet safety material acquired its own home and a blog here at CyberStalked.org. It was migrated to WordPress in 2016.

The site originally began as a place to refute the defamation spread across the internet by Richard Hillyard. Twenty years later, it continues to educate people about to Hillyard’s character and criminal convictions, and it continues to stand as a response to the lies Hillyard is still publishing about Cynthia and her family. It has grown far, far bigger than a story about one little cowardly criminal’s inexplicable obsession with people who’d never heard of that felon before he targeted them. Over time, it has become a resource for many people who find encouragement in knowing that they aren’t alone as they face harassment and stalking, that there are things they can do, and that they do not have to give up their online presence. It has given people hope.

Cynthia was a technical writer who had just begun a health-related leave of absence from MindSpring Enterprises when Hillyard’s original attacks began in the summer of 1996. As of this 2012 update, she’s a Senior Technical Advisor with Apple and still lives in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. She maintains several other web sites, knits, reads voraciously, and makes music at the drop of a hat.

3 Replies to “About CyberStalked!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s pretty scary to be stalked online and people (especially law enforcement) tend to laugh it off somewhat, especially when the person posting things stays under the legal definition of making threats, which is our story. My main beef is with blogger.com who has been contacted almost daily for about two weeks now with my request to take down the site that our stalker has put up posing as my husband. Not to bore you, but our address, phone number, along with incidendiary information meant to bring enemies around has been posted on this site, and they won’t do anything other than send emails stating that it’s “not their policy to moderate blogs…” and recommending we “contact the person and have them edit themselves…” (I went so far as to write on one request that if they weren’t going to take it down, at least send me their address, phone number, names of their kids, etc, so at least I could put them through what we’re going through…haha) Anyway, I’ll stay posted to your story to see how things unfold. I’m pretty pissed at google (they own blogger…) and really feel I want to pursue this on their end because I feel they should be accountable and have some policy other than “too bad, we don’t censor…”

    Good luck.

    Maria Bray (the real one, not the one in my husband’s blog…haha)

  2. Does your state have any kind of law about releasing private information? If you can get a restraining order, in some states, that changes the situation – maybe Blogger/Google would take things more seriously then?

    Good luck with it.

  3. It is nice to know I’m not alone in being cyberstalked, but unfornate that so many of us have had to go through this. I’m currently being stalked by my sister-in-laws’s soon to be ex-husband. This all started when I posted a humorous blog which had nothing to do with him on my Myspace site. He is mentally ill and I guess when my sister-in-law referred to him in her comment about it, his delusions of grandeur took over. Obviously he was already stalking my site, for some reason he thinks she has no mind of her own and I have influenced her decision to leave him, even though she has done so on several occasions in the past.

    We have had Trojan viruses sent to our computer 3 times and I suspect he is behind it. Somehow our password was changed on our server so that we couldn’t log on to the internet. There have been threatening emails on AOL sent to several of us family members, but he stops short of threatening to kill anyone, just that he is going to post and publish derogatory things about all of us. There was sudden spike in the views on my Myspace site after this and most recently, I suspect my site was hacked into. While I was on there a picture of me that is only on my husband’s site popped up as my default. Then I received an email from Myspace that one of my photos had to be removed because it violated their terms. All of the photos that I have uploaded are still there. I can’t seem to get anything but a pregenerated response when I ask them what they are talking about. He has also used an imposter site to try to talk to me on there and I suspect there is another one as well. He has even sent a picture of his penis to my AOL from a cellphone and my sister-in-law was able to identify it. Kind of a dumb move, that one, if you have a distinguishing mole on that part of your body, you should not send a picture of it to someone to harass them.

    Have already set my site to private and changed many settings and passwords. I’m sure he’ll find another way to hack into it or some other way to annoy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has posted my Myspace URL on some sort of sex site because of getting over 500 views on a couple of the days. Not normal for a 40 year old woman, regardless of what she looks like. Unless your a celebrity, I would think.

    I have reported him to Myspace and we have gone to the police in our city, and of course, they have done nothing. I guess if they had to scrape him off the pavement in front of my house they would be very interested in getting to the bottom of it. I am getting copies of all the emails, the Myspace messaging and ways that I’ve been able to track him together for a restraining order which I doubt will do any good, since he moves around constantly.

    Maybe they’ll be scraping him up soon, hopefully someone else will be responsible for it. He has physically stalked my sister-in-law when she left him in the past. Even slammed his car into hers and pulled a gun on a friend of hers. If you can offer me any advice, I would appreciate it.

    Laurel Scheidt

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