I’m Cynthia Armistead, known as TechnoMom to many people I’ve encountered online since 1995. I’m a mother, a writer, a computer geek, and many other things. I’m also a survivor of internet harassment, because a multiply convicted felon, Richard Hillyard, targeted me and my daughter Katie for harassment in 1996.

Our story has been online for some time. I’ve done many interviews to raise awareness about internet safety issues as well as spending hours as a volunteer with law enforcement officers and others, helping to trace messages from stalkers and other criminals. I’ve written articles about staying safe and avoiding harassment, as well. I spent years volunteering with Working to Halt Online Abuse (and I will continue to refer people to them, as I left on a friendly footing).

While I’m no longer officially volunteering with an organization, I’ve decided to centralize my safety information to this site, and combine that with giving other survivors a safe place to speak, if they wish to do so. I’ll be using this forum to publish information about staying safe and remarking on current stories or issues that touch on the internet and how it affects how we relate to others.

I encourage you to ask any questions that occur to you about internet safety or our experiences with cyberstalking. I will not answer anything that would reveal too much about our physical whereabouts, or that isn’t mine to tell. Otherwise I’m quite open.

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  1. You mentioned you rarely go to your stalkers site. If you are trying to keep your physical wherabouts a secret, you shouldn’t go at all. If he has a site counter it may show what city your internet provider is in, and also what city you are visiting from. While it doesn’t show your name, if he’s a nutbar, he could likely figure out which one is you. My huband’s sister claimed we were stalking and harassing her, when in fact it was her combing her statistics counter on her public blog, and her making up hateful and hurtful lies on her website while we did nothing but sit in amazement that her mother believed it all. She has a long history of mental and personality issues, but the whole fam damily believes her. It’s utterly unbelievable. In any event, I wouldn’t visit his site at all.


  2. Thank you for your concern 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I viewed the stalker’s site. People mention things about it to me, but I prefer not to buy into his worldview.

    Nutbars are, unfortunately, plentiful. I’m sorry there’s one in your life. Having one in the family must be dreadful. I hope you and your husband have other, move stable family members or family of choice in your lives.


  3. Thankfully, we have my side of the family who are normal and nice human beings. I really just can’t get over the utter disbelief that EVERYONE listens to her, despite the fact that she has a known and documented history of mental health and personality issues, cannot hold a job due to this disability and is known for being overly histrionic. She even phoned the police, who then dismissed it. It’s kind of like being the special guest star on The Prisoner.

    Good luck to you, and thanks for responding,

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