The following is the HTML and graphic used in a web page posted on August 23, 1997 at the URL I have not altered the text or the graphic in any way. The title the author gave it was "1997 Bitch Of The Year". A screen capture of the page as shown at the original URL is available (in two parts--I had to scroll down to display all of the text).

1997 Bitch Of The Year!

Cynthia L. Armistead (aka Technomom)

Do not be fooled by this picture. This size 20 "hunk of burnin' luv" looks nothing like this anymore. This picture must have been taken about 10 years ago, before 3 marriages/divorces and one kid.

This is a woman who cannot keep a job, a husband, or her mind.

Our 1997 Bitch Of The Year works out by doing arm curls with 2 boxes of jelly donuts. According to her homepage at she is a size 20. WOW. And she is a real brainiac. Her favorite show is Xena:Warrior Princess. What an Intellect.

According to a source at Mindspring, this wonder of fat had an excellent job, and could not get along with anyone. She feigned an injury and even brought a workmans comp case against her employer. Now that is an excellent way to keep a job!

She recently worked at Relevant Knowledge. They claim she had no knowledge that was relevant to keeping employment there.

She has been stalking some guy for the past year. He is married and has been for 15 years to the same person. I guess our "Bitch of the Year" can't stand people in stable marriages. She claims he stalked her but a friend of his at Mindspring says he never met her until they went to court. He was found "Not Guilty" on one count and the other count was "Nolle Pros". From what I have been told, our "Bitch of the Year" is in a heap of trouble. She has gone to Unsolved Mysteries, AP, and MSNBC with her story. Only problem with her story, is that it is based on her "wild imagination" and contains no "relevant knowledge" (he-he) of any facts that can be traced to the person she is accusing. The fact that she continues her crusade proves that she is a basket case. On her site she says "I've been treated for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder related to the abuse I experienced." This woman is a severe "basket case". She claims to have been raped by a relative, but she took that off of her web site. Must have been some more of that imagination of hers.

She says she is looking for a "belly dancer" instructor. WHOA Nellie. That belly will require at least 5 or 6 instructors.

She likes Cyndi Lauper. What a "trend setter". She claims to have publicly performed by singing I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME by Bonnie Raitt. Hon, to love you would require a lot of flour. We would roll you in the flour and look for a wet spot and just hope. Talk about climbing Mt. Everest.

Anyway, congratulate our 1997 Bitch of the Year, Cynthia Lynn Armistead.