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On Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:13:07 GMT, Norbert Taylor wrote:

>I probably wasn't clear, but that's part of what I was saying. The
>person needed access to this newsgroup (in some fashion), else they
>couldn't have seen Cyn's post because it didn't go beyond MindSpring.

Well, "somebody" has had access to the MindSpring newsgroups all
along, one way or another. He had a directory called "data" on his new
web site that he thought was safe because it wasn't linked from the
main page, so he didn't password protect it. It contained, along with
some interesting Excel spreadsheets and all of his Quicken data files,
a WinWord document called "cyn1.doc" that had all the posts from the
main Stu-boy thread in it. The document was created by someone whose
Word was registered to "Larry Kruger" of Advanced Visual Systems
( I've never heard of Larry Kruger before, but a net search
says he's one of the sales directors at AVS in Massachusetts, so it's
probably just a matter of everybody illegally using a few copies of
Word without being careful enough of whose name is where.

I don't mind mentioning this now because he seems to have noticed the
hits on that directory from his stats file, and has password protected


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