The following is a page posted by Richard Hillyard to the URL on December 29, 1997. He took the page down by January 6, 1997 due to public outcry and, most likely, pressure from his attorney. There is text at the very bottom of the page that refers to me. It was originally set to be the same color as the background, white, so you wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it--but so the various search engines would index the page including that text. I've changed the color of the text to red so you can see it more easily. I have not altered anything on this page other than that and adding this explanatory note.

Richard Hillyard's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have 4 children and am active in many activities involving my children. I am also active in many charitable organizations in the Atlanta area.

I coach 11-12 year old basketball at the Gwinnett YMCA. Our team is just beginning it's 1997 season.

Here is a list of organizations that I am very active with.

My company, Independent Software Resellers, is a manufacturers rep firm for many specialized software products.

This page is new and is constantly being updated

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