Press FAQ

After 25 years of this, I'm well-accustomed to dealing with the press. The same questions come up fairly frequently though, so this FAQ just for members of the Press.

Please let me be clear: I feel passionately about helping others who have experienced online harassment, and I am more than happy to help you with a story about cyberbullying, internet safety, or related issues. It's fine with me if you want to get technical background from me or ask for my help with someone who has a fresher case, who you then interview someone on-camera. Being on-camera is particularly stressful to me and takes a lot of energy—I'm an introvert. And every time there is any kind of press about our case, Hillyard goes nuttier again for a while and steps up his harassment of us (not that I will ever let that prevent me speaking out).

It is, however, extremely important that whatever you do publish be accurate. I am not interested in being part of any "the internet is EVIL!" pieces, either. The internet is a tool like any other. We could have been targeted by someone I met in a church just as easily as by someone I encountered online.