Summary of Harassment

Since July 7, 1996 we received obscene email from Richard Hillyard's MindSpring account, copies of the same emails sent various anonymous remailers (sent to mine and Katie's email addresses), obscene email from Dick Coward via various anonymous remailers, and from many people responding to the prostitution ads and other posts made by Dick Coward in various newsgroups. We haven't had one week, and have had very few days, without unwanted sexually explicit communication from these people. Many of them send pornographic images, as well.

We've received email from Dick Coward stating that he followed us from our mailing address (at a Mail Boxes Etc.) to our home.

We've received threatening email with phrases such as "you'd better watch your back," "let's get it on, bitch!" and "I'm your worse nightmare" (his misspelling, not mine). Because of those threats we've moved three times in the last year. I've also learned to use a handgun and obtained a concealed carry permit.

We've received harassing phone calls at all hours of the day and night—I've lost track of the number of times I've had our phone number changed. We have not yet learned how Dick Coward repeatedly obtains our unlisted and unpublished numbers. Many times messages have been left in our voice mail with strange sounds like a man mocking someone crying or a man laughing in a menacing manner.

Prostitution ads and "referrals," sex-wanted ads, pornography and advertisements claiming my web site provides "free sex pics" have repeatedly been posted to many sex-related newsgroups, as well as discussion newsgroups in which I regularly participate. Those messages have continued regularly, right up through April 15, 1998. My parents' home address and telephone number and my mother's work address and phone number were also published in prostitution ads using my mother's name.

Someone has impersonated me on IRC channels seeking sexually explicit communication from men and implying that I wanted phone sex and physical sexual encounters, occasioning more obscene email.

I've repeatedly been attacked in newsgroup posts and on Richard Hillyard and Dick Coward's web pages.

The emotional and psychological effects have been extremely negative for both of us, and I fear that this nightmare may scar us permanently in many ways.

Moving repeatedly and taking other measure to ensure our physical safety has, of course, cost money--and we are by no means wealthy people.

An incredible amount of time has been involved in moving, in attempting to find and remove the libelous materials this man has spread across the internet, and in responding to the innocent parties taken in by his lies.

I'm not able to participate in any forum on the internet without constantly being aware that anything I say will almost certainly be taken out of context and used in further attempts to ruin my reputation, so I have greatly restricted my involvement on the net. I must constantly be suspicious of anyone I encounter here, even those making overtures of friendship if I was not previously acquainted with them.