October 1997 to April 1998



Monday, October 13, 1997 During one of my routine searches I found that AltaVista had indexed a site at Hillyard's domains called "Cheerleaders R Us" at http://www.atlga.com/cheer.htm. It was first indexed on August 24, 1997. His verbiage says "Hundreds of HOT, SEXY, Cheerleaders, with nothing on but a smile!" I captured a mirror copy of the page, since he usually removes them whenever I mention them. He had the site listed at http://www.adult-guide.com.
October to March I haven't really had the time to keep this updated, but will update it shortly. There were significant events in this time period, and I'll add them as I'm able.
Monday, November 24, 1997 Hillyard emailed Illuminations (a British television production company), accusing them of attempting to "hack into a private area" of his web site. He was back on MindSpring again. He was still using his ibm.net account, though, to advertise his web site.
December 7, 1997 Dick Coward forged two newsgroup messages in Katie's name, apparently trying to simply have people send unwanted email to her.
Wednesday, January 21, 1998 Dick Coward forged a newsgroup message trying to get people to go to a particular page on my site. And Hillyard spammed atl.general with advertisements for his site again (not a surprising coincidence).
Wednesday, February 25, 1998 Hillyard posts more ads for his site through ibm.net.
Monday, March 2, 1998 The episode of BBC's The Net regarding this case aired in the UK. I received many supportive emails from kind people in response to the show.
Tuesday, March 3, 1998 Dick Coward forged more messages, apparently in retaliation for the Net episode.
March 26, 1998 I received email from the CyberAngels asking me to speak with a producer from the Oprah show. They were doing a feature on safety and avoiding being the victim of a crime or a scam. I agreed to an appearance. I flew up to Chicago on April 1, taped the show on April 2 and flew home. The episode aired on Monday, April 6.
Wednesday, April 8, 1998 Hillyard posted another ad for his website to atl.general at 7:10:47 GMT, using ibm.net. At 7:12:11 GMT Dick Coward posted a message directing readers of alt.sex to this website in search of pornography. At 7:07 some IBM user (using a Georgia POP) had been terribly interested in the page referenced in Dick Cowards post a few minutes later, loading it seven times in the space of one minute. Three minutes--hmm, just about time enough to log off and back on to change an IP address.
Thursday, April 9, 1998 Dick Coward posted another copy of his 3/8 message to alt.sex.prostitution.
Monday-Tuesday, April 13-14, 1998 I moved Katie's site to the new technomom.com domain, and removed all the files from her and my old web sites, leaving only the main pages giving the new URLs. The time stamp on her pages indicates that I uploaded them to the server at 10:18pm. Shortly after midnight Hillyard updated several pages on his website. At about 12:30 local time (4:30am GMT) Dick Coward posted messages to alt.sex and alt.sex.services directing readers to Katie's new site in search of pornography, with another message in alt.sex.prostitution sending readers to various pages on this site for porn.
Wednesday, April 15, 1998 Within hours of my cancellation of the April 14 messages, Dick Coward posted more, similar messages in alt.sex.service (directing readers to Katie's pages) and in alt.sex.services (directing readers to my pages).


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