Messages Tied to the CDC

With CDC Email Address or Similar Connection

Hillyard referenced his email address at the CDC in several posts made from other systems.

Sent Through the CDC

All of these messages were posted from the CDC in Atlanta (these aren't all that were sent from the CDC, just a representative sample). While "" doesn't appear in the headers, doing a traceroute on the IP addresses given as the NNTP-Posting-Hosts, and, show that they are machines inside the CDC. Message IDs have, another Internet America marker.

When I contacted, they said "we just give them a newsfeed" which I assumed meant that they give the CDC a newsfeed--it is possible, though, that they were referring to an individual who'd subscribed to their service. In any case, the IA name often appears in the Organization header of each message. Hillyard did make posts using the news servers in his own name or using his email addresses at, and The last entry in the path statement,, is a news server at Internet America. Note that in every message the X-Newsreader: line for the message sent from those two machines is the same, even though the messages claim to be from different people. He switched to a third machine ( and a different newsreader to send forged cancellations of the messages of those who did not agree with him. A fourth CDC IP address,, later appeared in messages Hillyard posted to giving two of his real email addresses. That makes it even more obvious that it was Hillyard--not someone else at the CDC--who was posting those messages through

Five of these messages are forged cancellations of five different MindSpring users' posts to atl.general that disagreed with Hillyard in his various personas.

Hillyard has recently claimed that, because he was a contractor, he didn't have access to the CDC newsfeed. He certainly had access to their internet gateway, and posted to various newsgroups using it.

According to Detective Wynne of the Dekalb County Police and FBI agent Bob Kelley, every non-work-related message Hillyard sent using the CDC's computer system (harassing or not) could have been counted as a separate felony count. Misuse of federal property is a crime (I don't know the precise wording or statutes). Unfortunately, because the CDC could not show an immediate financial loss due to the misuse, they declined to prosecute.


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