News Feeds Hillyard Has Used

Hillyard posts messages through several news feeds, but I've yet to learn what name he uses on those accounts. (If I know the user name, the news feed isn't listed separately.)
Server/company Source/Tie to Hillyard This may have been a very short-lived account. I've only seen him use it to spam various newsgroups on April 29, 1997 with advertisements for one of his MLMs. Jacksonville BBS, organization line reads "JaxNet BBS (904) 292-4567" or sometimes "Southeast Network Services, Inc." Used in 1995 and early 1996 for a few posts. Kansas City Star newsfeed, used for multiple advertisements posted April 22, 1998. LG Electronic Research Corporation's newsfeed, used for multiple advertisements posted April 28, 1998. It had recently been added to a list of open news servers--such servers are such a favorite resource for spammers and other net abusers that they usually get filtered out by responsible news administrators very quickly. University of Florida account. Message IDs have "" in them. Only used for a few posts in early 1996. That may be the news feed to which users have access, as I noticed the same message ID in some other users' posts, and there is no organization line in most posts that come through there. Used for posting messages in July 1996 to college as "Centipede" and "," and in atl.general attacking me and MindSpring in atl.general in as "Centipede"; to spam various newsgroups on April 30, 1997; to post ads for one of his MLMs in August 1997; and


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