About the Evidence

Whenever possible I've provided a link from my account of each event to the relevant email, newsgroup posts, or web pages. Some of the evidence is probably only of interest to geeks who read headers on a regular basis (like me). I have included those items anyway, though, so that people will see that I am not simply making accusations based on assumptions, and that there is simply no way Hillyard could have been "framed." While I originally had an introduction to reading headers here, I've moved it to a separate article for those who want to learn more.

I do not by any means have copies of everything. I thought this nonsense was over about two weeks after it started, and discarded almost all of the email and newsgroup posts, wanting to put it behind me. It was not, obviously, over—in fact, what has happened since then makes the beginning seem trivial by comparison. I have been able to retrieve a few items from that period because I'd sent copies to others who still had them in their own archives. I did not find some of the prostitution and other posts forged in my name or referring to me before they'd disappeared from MindSpring's news server, but learned of them through DejaNews or similar resources. I don't normally keep copies of all my posts forever, so in some cases you'll find my words quoted by others whose posts were availabe in archives. If anyone else has copies of posts relevant to this case, I would greatly appreciate having them forwarded to me (with full headers, please!).

I've archived copies of many of Hillyard's web pages, especially those on which he attacked me. What you'll find here are those archived copies, as he has removed them within a few days each time. I have multiple witnesses, though, who will testify that the pages were on his sites and that their content was as I've presented them. With the most recent web page, I also took a screen shot of the page at the original URL to show that I hadn't altered it. On the web pages I've added a note at the top explaining that these are archived copies.

I have not altered the content of any of Hillyard's posts or web pages in any way. I have, however, translated some of the posts and email to HTML to make them more readable, and added emphasis using font sizes and bolding where appropriate. The emphasis was necessary, as he typically quotes all of a post by someone else (or several people) without trimming anything, and then throws his comments in. Even for people who are very familiar with usenet quoting conventions, it can be difficult to see the relevant text without emphasis. In some cases I have also added anchor tags for ease of navigation in large documents.

I started to remove the names and email addresses of everyone other than myself and Hillyard, but stopped for two reasons. First, I found it a formidable task. Second, it is more credible to see that there are far more people who have witnesses and experienced harassment from Hillyard than it is for me to simply say it is so. However, if anyone finds their names or addresses here and wants them removed, please contact me and let me know which file it was in, and I'll remove it. I wish I could provide a search facility, but don't have the time or resources to do that at that moment.

I've wavered on providing copies of some of the pornographic pictures Dick Coward distributed in my name, and for now I'm not going to put them here. His words are bad enough, and I'm sure these pictures are simply some he stole from another source and altered to suit his purposes.

I do have, thanks to kind helpers, copies of many of Hillyard/Dick Coward's newsgroup posts. I owe thanks to the CyberAngels usenet team as well as many individuals for finding them for me. The posts and emails are archived together, in chronological order.