Hillyard's Cheerleader Pages

The following is a page posted by Richard Hillyard to his web site at atlga.com on sometime on or before August 24, 1997. The page has not been altered in any way other than to change the directory in which the graphic image resides and the reference for the next pages. As the second and third pages are CGI dependent, I did screen captures for all three pages to prove that they were on Hillyard's site and to show their content.

He had the site listed at http://www.adult-guide.com. I am not going to provide a screen capture of that page, as most of its graphics are of an adult nature.

He has since altered the pages, claiming that they do not belong to him, but to someone who is paying him to host the pages. I can't imagine any fool who'd do business with a felon like Hillyard, but then I suppose i'ts just barely, maybe, possibly, believable. Like the man said, there's a sucker born every minute (and can you imagine anyone submitting credit card information through anything even remotely related to the web site of someone already convicted of credit card fraud? Please!)