Addresses Associated With Family Members

I don't know if anyone in Hillyard's family other than him really uses the net or not. I believe his son Jonathan probably does, and that his oldest son, Ricky, might also use it from time to time. In any case, these addresses are associated with family members, but because 1) I think Hillyard himself has used them from time to time, due to remarks from various regulars; and because 2) posts attacking me have been made using these addresses, I'm listing them here. Please note that I only list addresses that have been used to attack me or that have been associated with Hillyard himself rather than his wife or children--while they have other addresses and web sites, I am not publishing them as they aren't directly relevant.
Address Family member/Source/Associated URL (if any) Kay Ball Hillyard, Hillyard's wife. The associated web site,, had copies of the nolle prosequi order in the stalking case and the "not guilty" judgement in the harassing phone calls case. At one time it said Hillyard had been found "innocent" but the verbiage was changed to "not guilty" after I pointed out the error. Christy Hillyard. This is unlikely to be a valid email address. Used in two messages posted to atl.general on July 18, 1997 claiming I'd "stalked" Hillyard. In one of those messages, the poster stated that he/she had been the person who posted an earlier message through the anonymous remailer on July 17. or Jonathan Hillyard. Used in a message posted to atl.general on August 25, 1997 in a thread entitled "Bitch of the Year" about one of the web pages Dick Coward published attacking me. He promised to "put what I think of her on my homepage at" if I continued to publish anything about his father. The post also claimed multiple lies about Hillyard's criminal convictions, and a probable lie about his employment history. Kay Ball Hillyard. Used in a message posted to atl.general on August 25, 1997 in the "1997 Bitch Of The Year" thread stating "I personally am going to see that she has her own day as a defendant in court." In another message posted on August 30, she accused me of stalking their family.


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