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Hillyard has certainly taken full advantage of the various services that offer free email access. In every case that I'm aware of those services do not require any kind of verification of the actual identity of the people who sign up with them, which is probably their main attraction for Hillyard. The ones I know of that he's used are HotMail, USA.Net, Freemark (formerly at, BigFoot and Juno.
Address (Name) Source/Tie to Hillyard This email address was used in an August 20, 1996 post to atl.general from inside the CDC that used's news servers, and cancellation of that message, again from inside the CDC. Something about the message bothered him so much, in fact, that he issued three separate cancellation messages. The second and third cancellations came from's news servers. The first of the four messages had the double x-no-archive marker in them.
Used in spamming newsgroups from's newsfeed on 4/29/97 and's newsfeed on 4/30/97. Used again in five very odd messages posted to alt.general on 8/20/97. I believe these were probably forged by someone annoyed by Hillyard's commercial posts to the newsgroup, as they were posted through an MCI newsfeed at Georgia Tech.,
(Gary Bauer,
Viper Militia,
Jim Legg,
Mr. Legg,
Nacho Mama)
Posted five messages to atl.general on July 17 attacking me and MindSpring Enterprises. Posted two messages to July 5 and July 17. Six messages (all on July 17) were sent from a computer inside the CDC that Hillyard also used for other posts in his own name. The July 5 message was sent through He accidentally posted one of the messages as, then went back and reposted as Used in posts to in August 1996. All the posts came through's news servers but were made from a user at the CDC. He later cancelled them on 8/20/96 with others he wanted to hide--from a machine at the CDC. Jan Isley cancelled one message he posted to atl.general through's news servers with the subject line "A friend of Ms. Smathers - Who has dissapeared!" I never did see the original message. Used in spam advertising Hillyard's MLMs posted to various groups on 6/24/97, and in the InterNIC information for his domain.
(Linda Davis)
Used in two posts to start a flamewar in atl.general in December 1996. The first was posted on December 13 and the second on December 14. This address has never used anywhere else on the net before or since that I've found. The posts came through, where Hillyard had an account. was a web based email-only service where Hillyard had several addresses. Hillyard posted something to atl.general on 8/16/96, then changed his mind and cancelled it from his CDC account--with the double X-No-Archive: marker. From a listing Hillyard entered at BigFoot. From Hillyard's web site at
(Pamela M. Devereaux)
Posted from; used for two posts during a flamewar in atl.general in December 1996. The first was posted on December 18 at 11:13am and the second at 3:55pm. That address was used anywhere else on the net before or since that I've found. Her messages had the same grammar and spelling mistakes as those from "Tim Beasley" - definitely out of character for someone who claimed to have a law degree.  


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