Munged/Fictional Addresses

I find it ironic (but not surprising) that Hillyard repeatedly spams advertisements for his MLMs and website across various newsgroups--but he doesn't want more spam in his own mailbox, so he uses various munged addresses in the headers of his posts. Use of "spam stopper" addresses is a common practice--in fact, I have done it myself in the past, but like most people with nothing to hide I provide a valid address in my .sig line in every post.
The other fictional addresses, though, have nothing to do with avoiding spam, and everything to do with being a coward who is afraid to use his own name while attacking people.
Address (Name) Source/Tie to Hillyard Used in a message posted to atl.general on 8/18/97 advertising Hillyard's web site, using's newsfeed. Used in two messages posted to atl.general on 8/11 and 8/12/97 advertising Hillyard's web site, using's newsfeed. The message on 8/11 was posted only minutes after the prostitution ad forged in my name through the anonymous remailer on that date. Used in several posts to around 8/19-8/20/96, made through's news servers. Hillyard issued cancel messages for a great many more messages on August 20, 1996--the same day he cancelled many other messages he'd posted from inside the CDC, as well as some he'd forged in my name and messages from other people pointing out his activities. Some of the cancellations went through's news servers, and some were from the CDC. In fact, he issued more than one cancel message for some of the posts, so he must have really wanted them gone. The double X-No-Archive: marker shows up in some of the cancel messages.
(Sammy Criminole)
Used in nine posts to on 3/6/96 and 3/8/96.
for_address! Used in four messages advertising Hillyard's web page posted through to and through to soc.religion.christian. Used to post five messages to r.s.f.c and one to aquaria newsgroups, all though MindSpring's news servers, from 5/4 to 5/9/96. or Used in a message posted to atl.general on 8/13/97 advertising Hillyard's web site, using's newsfeed.
(Jeffrey Meyers)
Posted from; used in five posts during a flamewar in atl.general in December 1996. Never used anywhere else on the net before or since. I do find this and Hillyard's other "nospam" addresses ironic--even a spammer doesn't want more spam in his mailbox! Used in a message posted to atl.general on 8/8/97 promoting one of the MLMs in which Hillyard is involved, using's newsfeed.
see.sig@for.address (ATN)
This is definitely NOT a valid email address--there is not such domain. Used in two messages posted to atl.general attacking me and MindSpring Enterprises. Both messages were posted from a machine at the CDC that Hillyard used for other posts in his own name in other newsgroups. Used in 6/96 posts.
(Jerry Lisler)
Used to flame me in a post made in atl.general (and crossposted to many other newsgroups). The system used to send the message was on 2/2/397. Shortly afterwards I received a bounce message from the mail daemon at because Hillyard had used his account (with showing in the headers) to send email with my address forged in the reply-to header.


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