Anonymous Remailers Dick Coward Uses

Politically, I understand and support the need for a certain degree of anonymity on the net in some cases. Cowards like Hillyard, though, who hide behind remailers in order to commit crimes, make it very difficult to keep political niceties in mind.
Address (Name) Source/Tie to Hillyard
(The Terminator)
Used in 26 messages posted to and 3 to alt.aquaria from 5/12/96 to 6/26/96. All but one message was posted using Hillyard's MindSpring account as identified by IP in the headers. The one message that was actually posted through (in alt.aquaria) had his name and three of his other email addresses (, and in the .sig line. Anonymous remailer used in too many messages to count, including most of the prostitution and sex-wanted ads, several swipes in atl.general. Used for messages advertising Dick Coward's "Bitch of the Year" web site at and for messages supposedly from "Pam Devereaux" and Hillyard's daughter, Christy.
Anonymous remailer used for many messages, including some of the original harassing emails sent to me and Katie in July 1996 and some of the sex/prostitution posts. Anonymous remailer used in many messages, including some of the original harassing emails sent to me in July 1996. Used to send email to me and another MindSpring user on 9/2/96 claiming Hillyard was going to work for an ISP.
Used for email sent to me in 9/97 and for sex/prostitution posts.


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