Hillyard's Employment History

Hillyard's employment history is mainly notable for the fact that he's repeatedly lied about it and that he's been fired at least twice for criminal activity.


According to his web sites, Hillyard did business under the names Hillyard Technical Services, LLC and Independent Software Resellers, and is or was a reseller for American Travel Network, LDDS WorldCom, and Watkins Products. There was a registration for Hillyard Technical Services, LLC, but the agent of record's name was simply given as "Fritz." (Fritzy@mindspring.com is one of the many email addresses associated with Hillyard.) He claimed to sell long distance and calling card services, web hosting services, AutoCad consulting and drafting services, "food, home and personal care products," and to be "a manufacturers rep firm for many specialized software products." The long distance, web hosting and Watkins organizations all appear to be MLMs. Hillyard has also spammed various newsgroups with advertisments for the Watkins and long distance products, earning him notice in the news.admin.net-abuse.bulletins newsgroup and other forums devoted to fighting spam. He has given his address as 1100 Hall Drive, Atlanta, GA 30301 in his domain registrations. I suspect that to be a mail drop. He's also given his phone number as 770-555-1212—the long distance information number for the 770 area code.