Hillyard's Background

I've said elsewhere that the way I usually deal with things—especially situations that are frightening or threatening—is to learn as much as I can about them. And, in Hillyard's case, I've learned quite a lot. He knows a lot about me, as well, but most of it is what I've provided on my web pages and public newsgroup posts under my own name—so obviously none of it is exactly classified.

All that I know was found through publicly accessible, completely above board sources. I used the many people directories available on the internet, DejaNews and similar archive services, public phone listings and records at the Dekalb and Gwinnett County, Georgia Courthouses.

Some of the information is fairly mundane and simple to present--full name, birthdate, etc. It's on this page. There have been multiple usenet posts archived with his home address, phone number, etc. that match addresses he has provided on legal documents—like court records pertaining to his current trial on charges of stalking other people.

The information about Hillyard's prior activity on the internet is, however, extensive and involved. Sorting out his actual employment and criminal history is also a chore, so I've placed those three topics on their own pages.

As of 2021, Hillyard is a 71-year-old white male. When I saw him at the Gwinnett County Courthouse years ago, he was approximately 5'10" tall.
Full Name: Richard Michael Hillyard
Other Names: Goes by Rick at times.
Date of Birth: December 17, 1950
  • Apparently Hillyard was born in Jacksonville, Florida. In a listing Hillyard entered in the SwitchBoarddirectory, he says he graduated from Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, Florida, Class of 1968. (Not verified)
  • One of his posts said he had a "letter from the golf team" but it wasn't clear if that was in high school or college. One of his children said on his own web page that Hillyard was an "All-American golfer."
  • He also claims to have received a BBA in Management from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida (Alachua County), Class of 1972. (Not verified)
  • On his résumé Hillyard states that he earned a BSEE from the University of Houston in 1977. I have been given information that says that the UH records office has no record of enrollment for any "Richard Hillyard" or anyone using any reasonable variant of that name. I have no reason to doubt my informant, as that person has no reason to have fabricated this information. Should I receive evidence to the contrary, I'll happily retract this—but it certainly appears that Hillyard is claiming a degree he has not earned.