Aliases & URLs

Most people establish and keep one identity on the net. Their email addresses and web site URLs may change on occasion as they change jobs or ISPs, but they don't try to pretend they're someone other than themselves. Even those that don't use their full names generally establish themselves under a nickname or "handle" and stick with that persona.

Hillyard (or Dick Coward) does not do that. He has so many identities that I doubt even he can keep them straight. He posts messages in different names trying to get others to think that someone agrees with him, or while premeditating to be someone other than himself so he can indulge in sneaky self-aggrandizement.

I've collected an incredible number of email addresses and names Dick Coward has used in the past from archived newsgroup posts and web directories. Some of these obviously weren't valid addresses, and some may have been someone else's addresses--but he gave them as his own in newsgroup posts. If he used a different name, that is also given. It is remotely possible, but highly unlikely from the evidence, that a couple of the addresses with other names are associates of Coward's. I don't, however, believe that to be the case. The newsgroup posts were mostly sent to me by helpers or found in DejaNews' archives. Hillyard has had DejaNews delete many of his old posts, so the messages may not be there now.

Whenever the connection of a particular email address to Hillyard isn't obvious, I'll spell it out. Each address is (or will be) linked to a page detailing his activity using that name.

Hillyard owns several domains. It's likely that he owns some that I've missed, but I know that he owns or has owned,,,,, and The letters "asp" in are the abbreviation for "", a newsgroup that Hillyard frequented at one time. That site had paid advertisements for various prostitutes at one time, but is now supposedly limited to message boards where "hobbyists" post reviews and information about various prostitutes.