Apparently-Valid Email Addresses & URLs

These seem, at least, to have been valid email addresses, or to at least have a fair possibility of having been valid at some time.
Address (Name) Source/Tie to Hillyard, associated URL (if any)
(Richard Hillyard)
Used from July 5 to July 7, 1996
(Rick Hillyard)
Used from 1/96 to 7/96. Associated URL Account still valid according to finger results.
(Richard Hillyard)
Referenced on one of Hillyard's web pages at
(Tim Beasley)
Used in seven posts to atl.general on December 18, 1996. Never used anywhere else on the net before or since. Hillyard was also forge-cancelling many messages through the account at the same time, Listed by Hillyard at BigFoot. Used from 7/15 to 7/17/96 in email and newsgroup messages. Admitted that he was Hillyard in one of the newsgroup posts.
Used in posts to from 10/7/96 to 10/27/96. Used in posts to atl.general and He accidentally posted a message to atl.general with in the from: field and in the reply-to: line, but quickly cancelled the message.
(Richard Hillyard)
Some of his aquaria pages were at at one time.
(Rick Hillyard)
Used in many messages posted to atl.general,, various aquarium-related newsgroups and others from 3/29/96 to 6/28/96. One of the posts recommended Future Services ( as an ISP. Posted to and to various aquarium enthusiasts' groups (advertising his web site at Also posted a message to atl.general from inside the saying "this is the real Richard Hillyard."
(Richard M. Hillyard)
Given in several of Hillyard's posts to Mindspring-only newsgroups and on his web pages at He gave it as "" in 11 posts to, 1 to ga.general and 1 to rec.aquaria. Also used in responses Hillyard posted and emailed to me. Given in one of Hillyard's posts to alt.aquaria on 6/26/96. The post was made through Fingering indicated that email for that account was forwarded to this address. Hillyard used web space at to store files. Hillyard supplied that address to one of the people directories on the web. Used in spamming newsgroups on 3/30/97, using the newsfeed. (Anything at or should be a valid address for him, as he owns those domains.)
(John-Paul Wood)
Used in one post to atl.general on July 17, 1996 to start a flame war. The message was posted through As the address does other completely non-Hillyardic activity on the net in audio and video related newsgroups (even a home page), I'm not as certain that this came from Hillyard as I am with the other names. None of Wood's other posts has ever been through, though--they have been through AOL or through a school account at Georgia State University. None of the others used Free Agent, either. The post was cancelled later, so I believe it was probably a forgery from Hillyard.
(Larry Wallace)
Used in one post during flamewar in atl.general in December 1996. Never used anywhere else on the net before or since. His post implied that he'd had a disagreement with me in one of the size acceptance newsgroups, but he'd never posted there and there was no such disagreement.
(Gary Bauer,
Viper Militia)
Listed by Hillyard in several web databases. Used in a 7/5/96 post to alt.test using "" as the name, then in another post to made through and signed using the name "Centipede." He accidentally posted the same message twice, once with this name and once as Used in 7/17/96 post to r.s.f.c. sent through CDC system. Used in posts to alt.aquaria, rec.aquaria, and rec.arts.bonsai; listed in several web directories. The alt.aquaria post was made through using ID
In two posts to rec.crafts.brewing through, Hillyard gave this address as, then posted a correction giving his address and noting that this one was a typo--a combination of the and addresses. Given in eight posts made by Hillyard to various aquaria newsgroups. In three of those posts he was testing Private Idaho, a piece of software designed to make it easier to make anonymous posts and send anonymous email. Also given in the .sig line of a post he made through Address was also referenced in web pages at
(Richard Hillyard)
Used in posts to (posted through, rec.crafts.brewing (posted through, also give his CDC email addresses), and several aquarium-related groups (posted through, one gives address). At one time some of his aquaria pages were at
(Steve Haddock)
Used in one post during a flamewar in atl.general in December 1996. Never used anywhere else on the net before or since. Used in one message (openly) to atl.general and 25 posts to from 8/9 to 8/16/96 (he cancelled most of his 8/16 messages). Used in a great many forged cancellations of other people's posts to atl.general. All posts were made from inside the CDC. The double X-No-Archive: marker shows up in some of his posts.  


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