Hillyard On The Internet

With most folks, what you learn doing net searches isn't worth detailing—because they use one identity, although their email addresses may change occasionally when they change ISPs. You might learn about their hobbies and interests, professional lives, maybe their political affiliations or religious beliefs. They may mention things here and there about their families, friends or significant others, pets, etc. Nothing earth-shaking in most cases, but informative, anyway.

In Hillyard's case, though, his activity reveals much more. It reveals his basic character, and the repeated use of the same tactics he's used in harassing us. It shows him switching identities—or trying to, anyway—to pretend someone agrees with him. It shows him launching ad hominem attacks against anyone who doesn't agree with him. It shows repeated use of cowardly anonymous posts, forging of posts in others' names, and a tendency toward net abuses such as mailbombing. It shows greatly improved technical skill in hiding the origin or posts and emails since net activity in early 1996. It shows him denying the existence of his children, blaming his children for his own misdeeds, and pretending to be his wife and several of his children (Christy twice, then Jonathan) to post messages in his own defense.

What his history doesn't shows is any positive contribution to any discussion in any forum—only consistently negative, combative interactions and spam. It shows no sign of the Christian family man he keeps claiming he is. It is, therefore, worth pursuing in more depth than most. It is almost fascinating to see him squirm from name to name—this detective work can be most interesting! I've learned a lot in this investigation, too.

The earliest signs of Hillyard's Internet activity are back in April 1995, when he posted a message referencing his CDC email address and asking about bonsai resources. On July 9, 1995 he also posted ad ad for the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association's (AAAA) web site at his atlcom.net web site. He was fairly quiet after that until he posted messages a few mild messages in January 1996 about his web site and home brewing resources.

He was either very quiet or he managed to hide all traces of any activity in February 1996, but suddenly the Hillyard I've come to know so well over the last year showed up in March 1996 with a vengeance, posting to rec.sport.football.college under several names. I can't imagine that he built up so much venom towards a few particular r.s.f.c. folks just lurking, which is why I think he was pariticipating in the group in February and I just haven't found the messages. After that—well, he just got nastier and nastier. Other r.s.f.c. regulars later mentioned his participation in several mailing lists, and that he was kicked off one. He'd apparently used some of the pseudonyms he started using in March on that mailing list, so another explanation could be that he turned to r.s.f.c. in March to continue a flame war begun on the mailing list.

I've provided copies of many more of Hillyard's posts linked elsewhere on this site, but these examples show his essential nature, his arsenal of tactics, and the fact that he his activity on the net has been overwhelmingly negative and confrontational.