Post/Email Archives

Hillyard's posts and emails are very important to understanding who he is and what he has been doing. It was, however, hard to decide just how to present them--by the name he used? By the news server he was accessing? By newsgroup?

I finally decided to present them all together chronologically and tie them back to the timeline and the various aliases he uses. He often uses more than one name to post to the same newsgroup in the same discussion, pretending to be different people--seeing his messages in different names next to each other makes that more obvious. There are so many of his posts, though, that it is necessary to split the posts into different sections chronologically. I'm not presenting other people's posts unless they are quoting one of Hillyard's messages that I don't have archived (he cancels a lot of his own messages, as well as other people's messages, trying to hide his tracks when he realizes he's been foolish). Some periods show little activity, others show much more.

The posts in each file are arranged, as much as possible, by date and time. If they seem out of order, note that there are two date fields in some headers--one from the sender's machine, and one from the news server. Hillyard/Dick Coward monkeyed with the time and date on his machine in many cases, so I use the server date.

Some of these posts may seem utterly unrelated to this story, but I have attempted to present a complete picture of Hillyard's internet activity so readers will get a fair and accurate impression of him. I do not edit out the comments of others, either--I leave them in as the posts are far more meaningful in context, and editing the posts or only including the ones I thought relevant would essentially be "yellow journalism."

I have munged some email addresses in order to avoid causing those people to receive spam due to this site.

And no, I didn't find these posts all by myself. The credit for much of the detective work goes to the CyberAngels Usenet team, as well as the many individuals who've helped me in so many ways. In particular, I do not follow, so others who do have been very kind in keeping an eye on that group for me. I also had a lot of help from others in converting the posts to HTML. Thanks, y'all!